Types of CPR Certification Classes and Cost

CPR, or (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a hands-on practice that is intended to keep a victim alive by physically pumping blood that has been oxygenated into the body’s organs and oxygen into the lungs while waiting for arrival of medical help. An individual having a CPR Certification and can able to begin CPR in advance, and prove to be the big difference between surviving a heart incident and not surviving one.
Gaining a CPR certification can be extremely valuable for many reasons- sometimes it’s a job requirement for healthcare professionals as well as non-healthcare workers. It’s also very valuable from a personal preparedness standpoint- being able to respond adequately in an emergency situation.

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First Aid For A Child With Fever [Infographic]

The below graphical representation shows the first aid tips to treat a child suffering from fever. The basic first aid training is highly useful while treating your kids or adults with fever. USCPROnline offers quick, easy and affordable first aid training and certification course at affordable pricing.