The Importance of Personal Health for IT Professionals

IT is a profession that is quite involving. Most IT professionals are mostly engaged with their jobs and have little or no time for personal care. It is, therefore, essential for persons working in such fields to make conscious, healthy decisions. Sitting by the computer for long hours may cause adverse effects on an individual’s health. Thus,working professionals are advised to maintain a work-life balance.

There are different levels of health that are equally important for a person to feel complete and stay healthy. IT professionals are at a higher risk of suffering the deficiency of either mental, spiritual, physical, emotional and physical health.

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Importance of Security Guards Being CPR Trained

Security Guard CPR Certification -

CPR and first aid training are quite advantageous for security guards. Being on fulltime surveillance, security guards can take control of emergencies by taking up the necessary initiative in saving lives. For this reason, most companies and organizations will prefer to have CPR and first aid trained security guards. Persons interested in security guard CPR classes can easily register for online CPR certification. There is a wide range of reasons as to why CPR and first aid training is necessary for the daily duties of a security guard.

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An Essential Guide to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skill is essential during the life-threatening emergency situations. CPR is performed to revive someone whose heart has stopped beating and has stopped breathing. The procedure ensures the restoration of oxygen supply to the brain. It applies to patients and victims fainted due to suffocation, neck or head injury, drowning, choking, heart attack, or cardiac arrest incidences etc. Everyone needs to acquire these life-saving skills through training, which is available even online.

When encountered with such an emergency, every second counts in saving a person’s life. Earlier administration of CPR increases the chances of survival of the person. It is essential to perform CPR within the first ten minutes after the incident occurs. If the brain oxygen supply is cut off for ten minutes, the person can have permanent brain damage with almost zero chances of survival. According to recent research, performing CPR increases the chances of survival for cardiac arrest patients by 40%. Important to note is that CPR only applies to unconscious persons who are not breathing.

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What Is The Difference Between CPR and First Aid?

First aid and CPR are both taken in emergencies to save lives. CPR is specific while first aid is a broad practice encompassing CPR among other lifesaving skills. CPR and first aid training are available to interested persons through institutions of choice mostly through online certification programs. These two are crucial skills and knowledge as they can make a difference between life and death.

In CPR, the victim is usually unconscious and without a detectable pulse. A person receiving CPR can hardly perform it on themselves. The same doesn’t always apply to persons receiving first aid. Persons can deliver first aid to themselves — some of the cases of first aid demand for the participation of the victim. The victim is, at times, given instructions on how to act.

Difference between CPR and First Aid

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What Are Myths About CPR Certification?

How many times have we failed to save a situation or even a life due to the regarded myths and misconception? Whether it is through one-on-one interaction or internet and social media platforms, the answer may alarm you, or maybe not. We live in a digital era where information is readily available at the palm of our hands. While these facts can be a plus in terms of offering easier solutions such as online CPR certification, the information available on these platforms can to a larger extent lead to the spread of false or uncurated information. When we are exposed to such information, it tends to influence our decision.

CPR Myths - USCPROnline

Each one of us is required to acquire a CPR certification before they can practice on another person. But the myths that range from the training to practical practices have been a challenge to overcome.

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Why CPR Training Is Important? [Video]

While heart disease is on the rise, CPR can help save lives of your children, parents, family members or even a strangers. Thus, CPR training is very important as it gives confidence you need to make good decisions and do everything possible during emergency situations. Below video shows the importance of learning CPR: Know more … Read more

How to Save a Life with CPR Chest Compressions

CPR Training - USCPROnline.comAn emergency can happen anywhere and at any time. You could be at a supermarket in the middle of the day, at a nightclub enjoying a night on the town or just innocently walking down the street when someone nearby goes into cardiac arrest.

If this happened to you, what would you do? Other than calling emergency services, most of us would not be able to do much. That is, unless, they have taken CRP training and received a CPR certification.

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How Online CPR Classes Can Benefit You Without Impacting Your Budget

Online CPR Classes -

Imagine seeing someone have a heart attack right in front of you! What would you do?

Most of us would call 911 and helplessly stand by waiting for emergency services to come. But this time spent waiting for an ambulance is crucial! If the victim does not have an adequate oxygen supply, it can cause permanent damage or even death.

CPR is a lifesaving procedure that keeps the blood flow active and increases the likelihood of a successful resuscitation once medical professionals arrive on site. Because CPR is so valuable, there are some service providers that will offer free CPR classes.

Find out more about how you can learn this valuable skill without any out of pocket expenses.

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