Different Types of CPR Training Classes and Cost

CPR, or (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a hands-on practice that is intended to keep a victim alive by physically pumping blood that has been oxygenated into the body’s organs and oxygen into the lungs while waiting for arrival of medical help. An individual having a CPR Certification and can able to begin CPR in advance, and prove to be the big difference between surviving a heart incident and not surviving one.
Gaining a CPR certification can be extremely valuable for many reasons- sometimes it’s a job requirement for healthcare professionals as well as non-healthcare workers. It’s also very valuable from a personal preparedness standpoint- being able to respond adequately in an emergency situation.

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What Kind of CPR Course Should You Take? What about Re-certification?

You’ve been informed that you need to acquire CPR certification. However, it can be confusing as to which course it is you need to take. As a rule, the right choice is to choose course offered from the American Red Cross or the American Heart association. But sometimes it can be confusing to choose the right CPR certification.

Here are some questions you can pose to yourself to make sure, you find and sign up for the right CPR class.

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Be Prepared to Save the Life of a Loved One, Become CPR Certified Now

What is CPR? Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a technique used to save the lives of cardiac arrest victims. Cardiac arrest happens when an individual’s heart stops beating unexpectedly. Without a heartbeat, the heart cannot pump oxygenated blood to the organs and without oxygen from the blood, serious brain damage occurs within four minutes and death … Read more

With CPR an NHL Player Cheated Death

As it’s a proven fact that timely and appropriately administering CPR to a person who collapsed with a cardiac arrest can save the victims life. We are now giving a true story of someone who cheated death with timely CPR. To uncover the fact that age and fitness make less prone to cardiac diseases, but you may be victimized even if you are fit and young.

Brett Maclean, a Nation Hockey League player, was a super-fit young man who loves to stay active physically but unfortunately, his life twisted with an uncertain event. He suddenly collapsed on the ice when he was playing in a summer-picker match at Owen Sound. This Phoenix Coyote did workout prior to the event, but that does not seem to affect him as it was his part of life being an athlete.

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