Importance of Security Guards Being CPR Trained

Security Guard CPR Certification -

CPR and first aid training are quite advantageous for security guards. Being on fulltime surveillance, security guards can take control of emergencies by taking up the necessary initiative in saving lives. For this reason, most companies and organizations will prefer to have CPR and first aid trained security guards. Persons interested in security guard CPR classes can easily register for online CPR certification. There is a wide range of reasons as to why CPR and first aid training is necessary for the daily duties of a security guard.

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Be Prepared to Save the Life of a Loved One, Become CPR Certified Now

What is CPR? Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a technique used to save the lives of cardiac arrest victims. Cardiac arrest happens when an individual’s heart stops beating unexpectedly. Without a heartbeat, the heart cannot pump oxygenated blood to the organs and without oxygen from the blood, serious brain damage occurs within four minutes and death … Read more

Use of Infant Manikins During CPR Training Proven Highly Effective

A randomized, controlled trial of 69 CPR providers in the United Kingdom recently showed the increased efficacy of using real-time feedback by way of an infant resuscitation manikin.

Resuscitation manikins are commonplace in many CPR training classes. In adult classes “Resuscitation Annie” has been used since 1960 and has helped an estimated 400 million learn CPR. She is fondly referred to as the “Mother of CPR.” In addition to the adult manikin, many training seminars utilize a child and infant manikin. Sometimes, the entire Resuscitation Family can be found on the site. More recently, the traditional Resuscitation Annie has been replaced with a high-tech, instant feedback manikin to help train providers.

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