Tips to Lower the Cholesterol Level in the Body?

Cholesterol is a fat content found in body cells. Cholesterol is useful in the manufacture of vitamin D, hormones and other products used in the digestion process. The body/the liver has the capacity to make the cholesterol it requires. Cholesterol is also found in animal proteins: eggs, cheese and meat. High levels of cholesterol in the body is dangerous as it combines with other substances to form plague which sticks to the walls of blood vessels- a condition called atherosclerosis. Plague accumulates over time, thinning blood vessels leading to coronary artery disease. 

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Types of Heart Disease and How to Prevent It?

Our hearts are one of the most vital organs we have in our bodies, and without our heart beats we would cease to exist as humans. Sadly, heart disease and other diseases that affect the arteries, valves and blood pressure can occur. Heart attacks do not discriminate based on age, and anyone can experience a heart-related emergency. This makes taking care of our hearts extremely important and reducing the likelihood of a heart event from occurring by using preventative measures.

While learning to reduce the possibility of heart disease and how best to treat it, it’s also important to understand the different types of heart disease that affect our community’s population, and how best to take action to prevent and treat these, should it affect you or your loved ones in future. Here is a review of the most common types of heart disease and recognizing signs of a heart attack.

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Choose Basic First Aid and CPR Online Certification Course

The Need for First Aid and CPR Certification:

Basic First Aid and CPR are critical skills that every American should have. To be prepared for any emergency, knowing when to perform CPR is crucial to a victim’s survival. Acting quickly and calmly with proper training can make the difference between life and death in an emergency like a cardiac arrest.

Did you know that more than 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen every year across the U.S? A cardiac arrest victim can die within eight minutes. If they receive CPR within the first two minutes, their chance of survival increases dramatically. Quick action and using proper basic first aid and CPR techniques will save lives.

Without certification, you won’t have the skills needed to save a life when it’s needed most. The best way to ensure that you can step into an emergency and perform CPR or basic first aid actions is to get your certification.

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LAPD Patrol Officers Saved A Woman’s Life With Timely CPR Aid

A team of two patrol officers gave a new life to a 75-year-old woman. They managed to save her life with a timely CPR aid. The woman was on the ground unconscious at Woodland Hills Pizza restaurant.

Los Angeles Police spokesperson told us on Sunday that one of the restaurant employees flagged them for help when police officers namely Kurt Logan and Paul Maldonado were in 6200 blocks of Topanga Canyon Boulevard at 6:30 pm on Friday and told that a woman inside the restaurant is choking and fell to the ground unconsciously.

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